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We remember what it was like starting out. Learning how to manage a business, bring in new clients, caring for the ones you currently have, managing team members, keep up with social media, and create effective marketing plans. It can be a lot. Let us assist you! From online, on-demand courses, VIP coaching, practice auditing, marketing and networking content, Wholecare Resources has you covered!

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Online Courses

Need to DIY it but don't even know where to start? Check out one of our courses, offered in a variety of different subject areas from insurance coding, reading EOBs, documentation and coding, creating business building strategies, bringing in new clients, customer service and retention; and more!

Patient Education

Make your marketing a breeze! Get done-for-you resources that you can customize, or simply copy and paste! Get customizable social media graphics, brochures and flyers, monthly newsletter templates, strategies & tips, educational videos, customer service and retention tips and more!

VIP Practice Package

Are you wanting to hit the ground running with the best for social media, website design/build, SEO, ads, and more?? We can assist you! Allow not only our expertise to guide the way, while taking comfort in knowing that our background will help you to reach the target market you want in an effective and compliant way. Only a certain number of clients are accepted at a time, so you get the proper attention you deserve.

Business Assistance

Is your office prepared? Is it running cohesively? Bring us in for a personalized evaluation of your business including marketing, customer service, documentation and coding, compliance, flow and more! Looking for 1-on-1 coaching? We'd be happy to help! Coaching is on a month-to-month basis & you can cancel at any time.

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Meet Dr. Nicole

Nicole Stewart, DC, MS, CCAc, PRC

Dr. Nicole is a holistic Chiropractic Physician, certified in Acupuncture, and a trauma informed sound therapy practitioner. She graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO after completing her clinical internship at the Veterans Administration in St. Louis. She also holds a Master's in Nutrition & Human Performance as well as specialized training in pregnancy and pediatric care.

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole worked as a Firefighter-Paramedic. After years of working in the medical setting, she found herself treating patients where she felt so many of their conditions could have been prevented. She wanted to turn the focus back on treating the root cause of an individual's condition, rather than just the symptoms.

Dr. Nicole has also always had a love for the arts, including design. The branching into the world of design and marketing was founded at the intersection of her creativity and need to spread the word of holistic healthcare. She first began creating content to help grow her own business, but it soon became a much-needed creative outlets. As more and more materials were created, she thought, why not share it!

With a dream to make marketing, design, advertising, and social media easier for the busy holistic practitioner, Wholecare Resources was established, placing content in one convenient location for others to access and use. Whether you are a chiropractor, acupuncturists, sound practitioner, massage therapist, energy worker, or other holistic care practitioner, her hope is that you find something of value within Wholecare Resources.



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